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S.I.ZGODA was founded in 1951 as a manufacturer of fabrics. In 1983, we obtained the status of a Sheltered Work Enterprise, and in 1992, the first Occupational Therapy Workshop was established in our country.
The mission of the Cooperative is to help people with disabilities, create safe working conditions for them – rehabilitation through work.

We produce personal protective equipment of categories I, II, III with CE marking. Our priority is always the safety of our customers.
Our products provide effective protection of employees in their work environment.
The main types of products of the Cooperative are:
• filtering halfmasks, filters for reusable halfmasks – III-rd category products
• protective gloves, industrial socks and sleeves – I-st and II-nd category products
• high visbility clothing, work underwear – I-st and II-nd category products
• sorbents
All our products are manufactured in our company in Konstantynów Łódzki.
Our machine park is systematically modernized, which combined with a highly qualified staff of over 200 people, allows us to achieve the highest quality of our products.

Our constant production includes: FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3 filtering half-masks, knitted protective gloves, forearm protectors, work underwear, high visibility clothing and polypropylene sorbents.
Our products go to manufacturing plants, wholesalers and individual customers. We provide fast order fulfillment, timely deliveries, high quality products and attractive producer prices.

Moreover, in the organizational structure of S.I.ZGODA we have a Private Medical Center which provides services in the field of primary health care, occupational medicine, rehabilitation and psychology.

S. I. “ZGODA“ has the Quality Management System. The certificate which was issued by TUV Hessen certifies that the Cooperative complies with the requirements for which S.I.”ZGODA” was obliged by management system. Competent staff ensures that each action is in accordance with the assumed plan and the implementation complies with the law requirements.



Podstawowym celem funkcjonowania S.I. „ZGODA” wpisanym w jej misję, jest rehabilitacja zawodowa osób niepełnosprawnych poprzez stworzenie im właściwych warunków zatrudnienia.
Zatrudnienie osób niepełnosprawnych dotyczy:
* produkcji środków ochron indywidualnThe fundamental aim of S.I.ZGODA which is inscribed in our mission is the vocational rehabilitation of disabled people by creating appropriate employment conditions for them.

The employment of disabled people applies to:
• The production of personal protective equipment which are used to protect client’s workstation against hazards and improvement comfort of work
• Providing health care services to patients
The documented Quality Management System is a tool which allows to increase the level of clients and patients satisfaction.
Constant development of S.I.ZGODA and improvement of the Quality Management System is testified to our credibility and competitiveness.
Above activities will be implemented by:
• Improving clients and patients service methods
• Introducing new technologies
• Development of health services
• Tracking and introducing more modern means of production into the production processes, ensuring the expected quality of the product
• Tracking and introducing modern medical techniques to service processes ensuring the expected quality of health service
• Continuous improvement of personnel qualifications and awareness
• Full crew commitment
The Quality Policy is fully oriented to meet clients and patients expectations, ensuring compliance with the normative acts established by Polish and international legislation and specialist standards.
The top management takes care of the continuous improvement of qualifications and development of employees. Professionalism of the staff is an effective way to offer our clients and patients products and services at the required level. The structure of the organization and communication guarantee correct functioning of all departments which realize processes in the organization.

The Management System is constantly improved within the meaning of the adopted rule that it is always possible to do better.


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